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Video: A canoe trip on the Mississippi River

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Most people associate wilderness with far flung desert mesas or isolated mountain ranges.

I love rambling in these hard to get to places. But an overlooked wilderness area in the midwest is the Mississippi River between Memphis, TN and Vicksburg, MS. This 200 mile stretch can provide all the wilderness and solitude a person can want.

I wore these Tru-Spec pants exclusively throughout the trip.

I canoed for five days, several years ago, with Quapaw Canoe Company out of Clarksdale, MS, and the scenery was stunning. I’m going to share parts of that experience with you – sit back, relax and enjoy the river’s peace and tranquility.

Here is some of the equipment I field tested on this trip.

The Tru-Spec Xpedition pants got a workout and I took along a Tru-Spec H2O Proof Gen 2 ECWCS Parka, which wasn’t wrung out because it didn’t rain.

And I amazed myself, by being able to chop large logs in half with the Bark River Crash Ax.

crash ax, Bark River Knives, best hatchet

This Bark River Crash Ax was a good wood processor.

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