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Video: Make a tasty, healthy tea with common ‘weeds’

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Summer is here, and if you’re doing anything outside you need to stay hydrated. Try weed (or herb) tea. Drinking lots of water isn’t enough – you also need electrolytes. This video shows a simple tea recipe that supplies vitamins and minerals and uses common weeds

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Review: The L.T. Wright GNS may be your best bushcraft knife choice

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The L.T. Wright GNS bushcrafter promises to be a contender in that elusive, almost-mythical best all-around knife category.

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Dutch oven cooking is an efficient way to cook food for large groups of people.

Video: How to make sauerkraut chocolate cake with storage foods

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Sauerkraut is a super food for preppers and survival and off-grid types, and here is one way to integrate it into your diet. With a delicious chocolate cake.

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Survival in whitewater depends on proper training and good equipment.

Reader’s comments: Controlling panic when canoe capsizes in whitewater

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After my immediate shock of being in the water, gasping for air between waves, I recalled something one of your newsletters or blog posts mentioned about survival. I thought you might be interested that in the face of a stressful situation, your words of advice came to me and helped me.

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bison in Yellowstone, bison, bison down

Review: Are Buffalo Wool trekking socks the best choice for cold, wet weather?

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These new socks combine modern technology with old time materials. The result is a warm durable sock made of bison down, merino wool, nylon and spandex. I put a pair to the test under extreme conditions, and here is what I found. 

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The L.T. Wright Next Gen (top) and Rouge River are great user knives.

How to: Baton firewood with a butter knife

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Most survival knife reviews at some point show the blade being pounded – or batoned -through a block of firewood. But batoning is not a big deal if you use the right technique. This method is so simple you can baton firewood with a butter knife.

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A much younger Leon at a silver mine in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana.

My 1976 John Muir Trail Journal

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…even the lousy weather can’t change the beauty of this mountain range. It’s all worth it, when I come over a ridge and can look at all the trees and mountains. The mountains are so beautiful in the mornings, I usually get up early just to watch the sunrise. The air is usually pine-scented. Walking through the forest is like walking through a cathedral. Underfoot, there is a thick carpet of pine needles, which muffles my foot steps. I have walked right up on several herds of deer, just because I was so quiet. I’m really glad to be out here.

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Happy Birthday Survival Common Sense: Why I started a survival blog that has lasted 14 years

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In the wilderness survival industry the average lifespan of a website is about 18 months. Survival Common Sense has been around for 14 years in October. Here is the “why” of that continued success. 

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Video: Fight the heat and stay hydrated with this Water-to-Go™ filter bottle

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Staying hydrated is not optional. You drink or you die. This water bottle/filter system may be what you need, and it helps cut down on single-use plastic bottles.

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Build a brick rocket stove for emergency water purification

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During an emergency – think tornado, hurricane, flood etc – there will probably be lots of building debris all over. And one priority in that situation is going to be finding drinking water. The best, quickest way to purify questionable water is probably by boiling. This stove can be built with bricks and stoked with wooden biomass from a demolished…

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