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Video: How to make sauerkraut chocolate cake with storage foods

Dutch oven cooking is an efficient way to cook food for large groups of people.
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Sauerkraut is a super food for preppers and survival and off-grid types, and here is one way to integrate it into your diet.

With a delicious chocolate cake.

by Leon Pantenburg

My brother Mike Pantenburg and I were in the finals of the International Dutch Oven Society World Championships in Sandy, Utah. Competitors had to make a main dish, dessert and bread. The bread recipe was our tried-and-true sourdough dinner rolls. The main dish was Mike’s creation – beer braised rabbit.

But our dessert entry raised a few eyebrows and generated a lot of interest – sauerkraut chocolate cake. Here is our award-winning Dutch oven sauerkraut cake recipe.

For my German ancestors the fermented cabbage was one of  the only sources of vitamin C during the long winters. Sauerkraut, bratwurst and beer are comfort foods for my people.

But nobody wants to eat the same food day after day. Here is a way to integrate the extremely nutritious sauerkraut into a tasty dish. (Another way is to chop the kraut up fine and mix it with eggs.)

My friend Tipper Pressley, author of the superb Blind Pig and the Acorn blog, shows you how to made a kraut cake in the above video. Please follow her blog and Youtube channel – it’s full of really interesting and useful information.


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