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Review: Danner Pronghorns, classic boots with modern materials

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Your boots can make or break your hunting trip. These classic Danner boots, proven in the field for almost two decades, might be what you are looking for.

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Survival Knives

Video and review: Bark River UP Gunny may be your grail knife

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My new Bark River UP Gunny arrived in the mail at 4 p.m., and by 11 a.m. the next day it was being used to help skin and gut a whitetail doe. I predict this knife is going to be very popular. The Gunny combines the proven Canadian-style blade and Gunny handle.

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Five wool clothing tips to keep you from itching

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Can’t wear wool because it makes you itch? Here are some things to consider before you give up on the natural fiber.

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Making Fire

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Five tips for accessing the water stored in a water heater during an emergency

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You have a large reservoir of potable water in your house, just waiting to be tapped. Here’s how to use the reserve stored in the water heater when an emergency happens.

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Emergency Shelter

Prepare your house for cold weather

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As the outdoor temperatures start to drop, it’s essential to make sure that your home is prepared and ready for the cold weather ahead. No matter where you live, winter can present challenges for safety.

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Survival Gear

A 55-gallon trash bag can make a quick, effective emergency shelter.

Five tips for avoiding hypothermia

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Hypothermia directly causes death at least 1,500 times annually in the United States. Here are some tips to help you avoid hypothermia, and some links for more specific information.

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Survival Skills

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Winter storms: What to do when the power goes off and it’s icy cold outside

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The power goes out and you’re sheltering inside the house. Outside, the temperature plummets, the wind picks up and it starts to snow. You don’t know when the power will be restored. It might be hours or days. How will you stay warm and safe? How do you get started?

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Hillsound Trail Crampons can be used successfully in urban setting as well as in the mountains.
Hillsound Trail Crampons | Try these so you won’t fall on icy surfaces
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More of us will shovel driveways and sidewalks than traverse glaciers and Himalayan trails. These crampons can help you do both safely.

brick rocket stove, cast iron cooking
Video: Make an emergency brick rocket stove to help weather the storm
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The blizzard is coming (or already here!) and you don’t have a stove for cooking or fuel to make it work. If you have bricks, you can make this stove that is fueled with wood scraps or biomass.

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Video: Surefire way to start a survival fire in standing water or really wet conditions
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The more desperately you need a survival fire, the harder it will be to start one. That’s Murphy’s Law, and it is generally true. Here are three common items that virtually guarantee that you can get a fire started, even under really adverse conditions. In this case, the technique is used in standing water.

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