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You need to know these six preparedness tips

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The most critical element of emergency preparedness is planning. If you fail to plan, you’re gambling with your life. Learn about the disasters that affect your area and how you can get alerts and emergency messages.

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Survival Knives

Why you should carry a multi-tool and a knife

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Best do-it-all knife? It doesn’t exist! But a combination of a fixed-blade knife and a multi-tool will probably be able to handle all your outdoor/survival cutlery needs. Here is why you need a combination of those tools.

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7mm Remington Magnum | Best all around big game rifle?

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Finding that “best all-around” hunting rifle is as elusive as finding the “best overall hunting/bushcraft/survival knife. Like any outdoors gear, you have to look at what the item will be used for, what conditions it most likely would be used under, and how much you want to spend. Being a “seasoned” hunter, I am naturally drawn to classic knives and firearms.

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Making Fire

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Best survival firemaking method | Use cotton balls, Vaseline and ferro rod

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Here is my go-to fire making method for survival situations and how to use it. My number one choice is a combination of cotton balls infused with petroleum jelly and ignited with a ferro rod.

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Emergency Shelter

A 55-gallon trash bag can make a quick, effective emergency shelter.

Video: Make a trash bag shelter part of your survival kit

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No piece of survival equipment is worth anything if you don’t have it with you! A trash bag shelter is compact, lightweight and convenient to carry. Consider including one in your survival kit!

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Survival Gear

Bug out bag advice for women

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“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.” – Amelia Earhart

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Survival Skills

Top 5 wilderness survival skills you need for urban survival

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How valuable are wilderness survival skills in an urban disaster environment? Very. Here are five basic skills you need to know.

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Video: Bushcraft Basics teaches wilderness skills to help urbanites survive
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Can bushcraft skills and techniques be adapted to urban settings? I think so, and that is what my new book is all about: “Bushcraft Basics: A Common Sense Wilderness Survival Handbook”.

Video: Make a tasty, healthy tea with common ‘weeds’
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Summer is here, and if you’re doing anything outside you need to stay hydrated. Try weed (or herb) tea. Drinking lots of water isn’t enough – you also need electrolytes. This video shows a simple tea recipe that supplies vitamins and minerals and uses common weeds

This improvised block rocket stove could be invaluable after a natural disaster strikes.
Build an emergency biomass block stove for $4
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Here’s how to make a high efficiency biomass stove out of concrete blocks. This design can be made from debris in the aftermath of a tornado or other disaster.

Leon Pantenburg writes a survival skills blog with tips and techniques to help typical folks survive an unexpected urban or wilderness emergency, using their common sense and emergency preparedness training. Topics include survival knives, survival clothing and camp cooking, making a fire, emergency shelter, hunting and fishing, competent survival skills and survival gear reviews.