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Review: Bark River Gunny Hunter LT in CPM-3V steel

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My appreciation for the Bark River Gunny knife is well documented. I have owned five in different configurations, and this latest incarnation in CPM 3V may be the best yet.

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Survival Knives

Review: Beretta Knives Hunter Model

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Beretta USA has a full lines of shooting, outdoor apparel and gear, and it’s only natural they have knives.
I’m checking out their Hunter Model with giraffe bone handle, and here is how it is performing.

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Recipe: Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake Made With Storage Foods

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As much as I love sauerkraut, anything can get dreadfully boring if that is all there is to to eat day after day. This sauerkraut cake recipe came from an old cookbook, and could have been cooked on the Oregon Trail, or in any number of places along the frontier.

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Making Fire

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Video: Surefire way to start a survival fire in standing water or really wet conditions

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The more desperately you need a survival fire, the harder it will be to start one. That’s Murphy’s Law, and it is generally true. Here are three common items that virtually guarantee that you can get a fire started, even under really adverse conditions. In this case, the technique is used in standing water.

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Emergency Shelter

How big should your emergency shelter tarp be? Consider the splash line before buying

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Tarp shelters can be very effective and comfortable, or they can be miserable. Here is how to choose the right-sized tarp to keep from getting wet when rain water drips off the edge and into the shelter.

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Survival Gear

Review: Cold Steel SRK knife has worked for me for 20+ years

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For more than 20 years, a Cold Steel SRK was my main hunting/survival knife. Inexpensive, but reliable, this knife is a good choice for beginner and advanced bushcrafters/hunters/survival types.

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Survival Skills

Mullein tea to treat COVID symptoms? Maybe – here is one user’s story

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An ancient herbal tea made from a common weed may be useful in relieving someĀ  symptoms of COVID.

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Dutch oven cooking is an efficient way to cook food for large groups of people.
Video: How to make sauerkraut chocolate cake with storage foods
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Sauerkraut is a super food for preppers and survival and off-grid types, and here is one way to integrate it into your diet. With a delicious chocolate cake.

Survive this: Six maps you should have for urban disaster evacuations
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What kind of maps do you need to function in urban and/or wilderness situations? What happens during a disaster where you are forced to evacuate and need to travel by road, then go off road and finally cross country? You better know where you’re going!

People enjoy talking about new technology, equipment or skills that they have learned. They are justifiably proud of their new knowledge.
Video: Gear you don’t need – dump the Mylar blankets from your survival kit
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Do you carry a Mylar blanket as an emergency shelter item? If so, here’s why you should get rid of it.

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