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Bark River Knives

Best outdoor/kitchen knife? We review the Bark River Petty Z

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My knife testing generally starts in the kitchen, since that is where most people use knives. In some instances, you can tell right off the bat that the blade is not going to work for food preparation. In others, the knife might work so well that it never gets out of the kitchen. This Bark River Petty Z is at home in both outdoors and inside environments.

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Mike Stewart, bark river knives

Knife maker Mike Stewart discusses thin blades and batoning firewood

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I like thin-bladed knives and think batoning firewood is highly overrated. Mike Stewart, president of Bark River Knives, and a knife industry legend, explains why today’s knife blades had to be made thicker because of the batoning fad. Here are his Facebook comments, used with his permission. 

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Knife review | Bark River UP Bravo first look

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All cutlery aficionados have that grail knife somewhere in the back of their minds. 
But this Bark River UP Bravo meets all my requirements for a hunting/bushcraft knife, and my search for the grail may be over. Maybe.

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L.T. Wright GNS

How to choose the right grind for your bushcraft/survival/preparedness knife

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The grind, or edge confirmation, of a blade will determine what jobs it does well. Here’s how to choose that best grind for your knife.

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Hunting and Survival Knives for Sale

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Check out these greatly-reduced prices on quality hunting and survival knives. These are Leon Pantenburg’s personal knife collection. Some are new and others are slightly-used after performing a detailed spec review for readers. I won’t recommend or sell a product I wouldn’t use myself.

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bark river knives, gunny sidekick

Review: Bark River Gunny Sidekick 3V is great user knife for hunters and outdoorspeople

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The Gunny is one of Bark River’s bestsellers, and one of my favorite EDC knives. The Sidekick combines the Gunny handle with a real user blade. It is going to do very well.

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Hemphill knives, SCS Pantenburg

Do you need a super steel knife blade? Five things to think about

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One of the most important aspects of a knife is the steel in the blade. But at what point does a designer or super steel blade become overkill and an added, unnecessary expense?

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Aurora Hunter, bark river knives

Aurora Hunter: Bark River combines two great knives to make a better hunting knife

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What happens when two great knife designs – the Kalahari blade and Aurora handle – are combined? In this case, a really great hunting knife is the result!

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I made this knife and cardboard sheath 40-some years ago. The blade is quite usable and the sheath still does its job quite well! It doesn't work all that well for small game cleaning.

Choose the right knife for small game hunting

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You can skin and field dress squirrels, rabbits, upland game and smaller animals with many different styles of knives. Here’s how to pick one that can do the job well for you, while not breaking the budget.

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Jason Thoune, bravo 1, best all around knife

Bark River Bravo 1 3v – Possibly the Perfect Hard Use Knife

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How many times have we heard “What knife would you pick for…” (fill in the occasion)?
Most of us can only base our opinions on a few knives. Jason Thoune has access to literally thousands of knives in all shapes, sizes, steels, handles and grinds. Here is the knife he chooses.

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