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Video Review: Sportsman Pocket Chain Saw – Powerhouse wood cutter in compact package

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 This compact pocket chain saw may be just what you were looking for to round out a survival kit. 

Disclaimer:   provided the product for this review. I don’t work for the company and I was not paid to review the saw. This post is strictly my opinion, and nobody had any input in it. All I ever promise is a fair shake.



I used the Sportsman Industries™ Pocket Chain Saw recently to cut down a dying fruit tree in my back yard. It worked wonderfully! The pocket chain saw is basically a 36-in chainsaw blade, with handles on each end. It’s simple to use – just wrap it around the log to be cut, and pull on one handle or the other in a sawing motion. Part of  this video review was shot on an island in the Mississippi River, where the saw was field tested under survival conditions.

As a survival wood cutter, the pocket chain saw could prove very valuable. It requires some energy to use, but the saw cuts through good-sized logs with no trouble. It could be invaluable in a situation when all the available firewood was big, and you needed to cut sections of the logs.

The pocket chain saw costs about $20, and the low price and lightweight, compact size means you can include one in every survival kit.

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