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Best survival firemaking method | Use cotton balls, Vaseline and ferro rod

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Here is my go-to fire making method for survival situations and how to use it. My number one choice is a combination of cotton balls infused with petroleum jelly and ignited with a ferro rod.

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The L.T. Wright Next Gen (top) and Rouge River are great user knives.

How to: Baton firewood with a butter knife

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Most survival knife reviews at some point show the blade being pounded – or batoned -through a block of firewood. But batoning is not a big deal if you use the right technique. This method is so simple you can baton firewood with a butter knife.

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Video Review: Sportsman Pocket Chain Saw – Powerhouse wood cutter in compact package

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The pocket chain saw is basically a 36-in chainsaw blade, with handles on each end. As a survival wood cutter, it could be very valuable.

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