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Tips to survive a blizzard overnight in a stranded car

improvise waterproof shoes, keep feet dry, keep feet warm
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My friend, Lisa Bedford the Survival Mom, has some excellent advice for folks who end up traveling in the horrible winter storm conditions.

by Lisa Bedford

Get ready for the snow.

After something of a false start earlier this week, the Chicago area braces for another winter storm. The National Weather Service says the area could see 6 to 12 inches by the end of Saturday.

Winter weather alerts, including Blizzard Warnings, are in effect from the Plains to the Midwest ahead of another major winter storm, which could blast cities such as Chicago and Milwaukee with heavy snow and strong winds.

This latest round of winter weather comes days after a deadly winter storm slammed the central U.S. and brought nearly a foot of snow and whiteout conditions to parts of the Plains

Have you heard about that awful traffic jam in Virginia a few years back? The one they called”the traffic jam from hell”?

People were stranded on a 40-mile stretch of Highway I-95 between Richmond and Washington D.C. To say that the vast majority were completely unprepared would be an understatement. Without any rescue available, they spent the night in their cars.

I wanted to send out a handful of blog articles from my Survival Mom blog with loads of tips and strategies for staying safe this winter, starting with this one: How to Survive in a Stranded Car in Winter!

Make sure to check out the Survival Mom blog!

Here is more information from Survival Common Sense about dressing for storm conditions.

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