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Helicopter rescue thwarted by wrong hand signals

Improvise footwear, keep feet warm, keep feet dry
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The wrong hand signals to a rescue helicopter could have resulted in a survival disaster. 

by Leon Pantenburg

The helicopter Search and Rescue crew was looking for a lost hiker in the Colorado wilderness.

Down below, they spotted a lone hiker. He casually waved at them, and the crew proceeded with the mission. From his gestures, the crew assumed everything was all right.

Improvise footwear, keep feet warm, keep feet dry

Know the right hand signals to signal for a helicopter rescue.

In reality, they had found their lost hiker, but the searcher didn’t know because the hiker had used the wrong hand signals.

Read the complete rescue story here.

The universal international signal calling for help is raising both hands over one’s head.  Conversely, raising one hand in the air with the other pointed to the ground is a way to signal support is not needed.

Every backcountry traveler needs to know this simple signaling tip. It could be a lifesaver!

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