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Apartment Prepping: Stash your stockpile in small spaces

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Preparing for emergencies has never been more important than right now, during this pandemic.

But what if you live in an apartment, and your space is limited? Where can you store your food and equipment? Here are some tips.

by Dave Artman

As the world enters into a state of burgeoning chaos, from financial instability to extreme weather events, to geopolitical flare-ups, many individuals are preparing for the worst. These people are “preppers.” 

Some might consider preppers to be paranoid individuals, but right now the preppers are the most prepared for when catastrophes happen. These people often have a part of their home dedicated to preparedness storage.

But what about apartment dwelling prepper types? Let’s take a closer look a several ways to make the most out of your available small space. 

Make Room Under Your Bed

There is lots of unused room under a bed.

Anyone who lived in a small college dorm with roommates knows the benefit of under-bed storage. One of the best things you can do is employ the use of a bed riser, which will allow you to easily raise and lower the height of your bed frame as you see fit. If you’re looking for extra storage space for water containers, boots, blankets, and more, the space beneath your bed can be a lifesaver, keeping the rest of your apartment’s floorspace clear and free of clutter.

Get the Most Out of Your Nightstand

Small nightstands are an underrated piece of furniture in living spaces. This is especially true for nightstands that have numerous drawers. While most people might store an extra pair of glasses, a book, or some personal items inside of their nightstand, you can use this space for some of your more valuable prep items. It’s most recommended that you store self-defense items here, as it not only keeps them out of reach of visitors within your home, but keeps them nearby your bed in the event you might need them prior to doomsday. The range of self-defense items is wide, but you should consider having a variety of options available, from a self-defense knife to easily deployable pepper spray

Bookcases and Cube Shelves Go a Long Way

Although often used solely for books, knickknacks, and craft items, bookcases and cube shelves are a great way to organize your stockpile, keeping some items off the floor and arranging them in an easily accessible area. Whether you’re looking to organize rations or first aid items, the available shelving space can provide you with the necessary amount of storage. Furthermore, it can make for an interesting aesthetic within your home, where stockpiled items are mixed in with books and other personal effects. 

Aim for That Country Kitchen Look

Are you trying to stockpile a great deal of canned and dried food? Whether stored in mason jars, containers, or cans, you can take all of these items and incorporate them into the overall look of your kitchen. In particular, you can arrange your items so they are on display, giving your kitchen that rustic, country look. Rather than worrying about setting aside storage space, you can make use of your countertops to make the most of your prepping ventures.

The country kitchen can hid many preparedness items in plain view.

Think Overhead (Shelving)

If the apartment space seems to be growing slim, start thinking overhead. If you can make basic apartment renovations, it might be a good idea to install some shelving units. Out of the way, many spare items can be stored within this space, especially the bulkier, less used ones. Consider placing multiple shelves over the other, creating separate areas for storage.

Blankets as Decor

The blankets and sheets you’ve started saving don’t have to be folded and packed away. These items can become decor. Throw them over armchairs or couches to give your that extra sense of added comfort. Others can be placed at the end of your bed or pinned to a wall to create a unique tapestry. 


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Candles and oil lamps don’t have to be lit. These items can be placed around the apartment on tables and shelving units and used as decor. 

Consider Vehicle Space

If you have a vehicle, it has space in the trunk and back seat that should be utilized. This is especially helpful if you don’t use the vehicle for commuting and it is only occasionally needed. Rather than letting your car sit undriven, consider making the most out of the space it has to offer you and pack your vehicle full of safety essentials.

Finding space in an apartment for emergency preparedness gear is all about being creative. Make use of all the available space you have. When approached in the right way, you can still keep that comfortable atmosphere of home without infringing on the livability of your home. 

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