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brick rocket stove, cast iron cooking

Build a brick rocket stove for emergency water purification

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During an emergency – think tornado, hurricane, flood etc – there will probably be lots of building debris all over. And one priority in that situation is going to be finding drinking water. The best, quickest way to purify questionable water is probably by boiling. This stove can be built with bricks and stoked with wooden biomass from a demolished…

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Video review: O-Pen® pocket water purification system produces nothing – and that’s good!

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The measure of success for a water purifier is not getting any reaction from drinking the water purified by it. And that’s what I got after using the Roving Blue O-Pen®. Nothing.

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Here is a Trekker completely disassembled. With no moving parts to break or get jammed, the Kelly Kettle is extremely reliable.

Review and video | Base Camp Kelly Kettle as water purification tool

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Purifying water can be critical during an emergency. The Kelly Kettle combines an efficient design for boiling water with the ability to be fueled with biomass. It seemed like a great idea, so I ordered one for testing.

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