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Mullein tea to treat COVID symptoms? Maybe – here is one user’s story

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An ancient herbal tea made from a common weed may be useful in relieving some  symptoms of COVID.

by Leon Pantenburg

Disclaimer: Don’t use any wild plants for anything unless you can positively identify it. Consult your doctor before trying any herbal supplement.

Everyone is looking for ways to treat COVID, and there is no shortage of  innovative remedies. I heard about treating COVID symptoms with medicinal mullein tea a couple of years ago.

Mullein is a “weed” – i.e. misplaced plant – that grows wild virtually everywhere in the United States. I’ve been using mullein tea for several years to treat joint pain in my left thumb, and wrote a post about making mullein tea two years ago.


Mullein is a common wild plant and is easily identified.

Here is one person’s feedback on the story. Mullein seems to help reduce nasal and chest congestion that comes with COVID.

From Jeaneene Nooney:  I read about mullein’s benefits last summer, and reasoned that with COVID around, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to collect some leaves for use in the cold Michigan months. I contracted COVID in late December, however, I forgot where I had stored the herb! So my husband (who also had it) and I didn’t start using mullein tea until a week or more into the onset of the virus.

About halfway through a cup of the tea, I said, “I think this is helping!”

To my surprise, my husband agreed. We have used it about three or four times a day since then, with pretty darned good results. It eases the discomfort in the chest and also seems to release the congestion in the nasal area. I’m sold on it!

Mullein grows wild in most areas of the United States. It is usually free for the picking.

By the way, mullein was used in Europe and brought here by the colonists as a medicinal herb. The natives latched onto it from them. The plant, previously unknown in North America, spread across the nation. Thanks for your informative article.

Learn how to make mullein tea here.

Here are some other health benefits of mullein tea.

Before you jump on board the mullein tea train, here are a few considerations:

  • Get a good wild plant book with color photographs to take foraging with you.
  • DO NOT try to use any plant unless you are absolutely sure of what it is.
  • If you have food allergies or are sensitive to certain food groups, consult your health care professional before trying mullein or any other natural supplement.
  • Don’t harvest any plant that may have been sprayed with pesticide or herbicide.

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