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Happy anniversary Survival Common Sense!

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Never, in my wildest dreams did I ever see me writing a wilderness survival blog and getting a book published about survival skills.
In an industry where the average longevity of a wilderness survival site is about 18 months, Survivalcommonsense.com will celebrate its twelfth anniversary this October.
by Leon Pantenburg
How did all this come about? Well, I’m still amazed.

I have never claimed to be a survival expert – I’m a retired journalist, with some four decades in the news business. I’ve been an outdoors enthusiast for as long as I can remember and am outside year round. My favorite season is whichever season it happens to be at the time. For 17 years, I was an assistant scoutmaster with Troop 18, Boy Scouts of America. As such, I helped teach several merit badges, which included backpacking, cooking and wilderness survival.

Indirectly, that lead to this website. (Here is the whole story.) Today, readers and Youtube channel viewers from all over the world regularly check in.

tips for sleeping warm

SCS covers wilderness survival skills in environments ranging from deep snow camping to desert treks.

Here is a sampling of some comments over the years from readers and viewers:
From: CorysRealTravel, 2014

Thanks to your video, a group of refugees sleeping in tents under a bridge in Bogota now have a new rocket stove to cook their food!

Checking in from Hurricane Irma. No power now for 6 days. Your rocket stove plan has been the difference between dry rations and a hot home cooked meal for me!

Here’s what readers commented on the “How to avoid sore feet  when hiking” post.

These readers reviewed my book “Bushcraft Basics.”

Many, many thanks to the affiliates and sponsors for their continued support. Maintaining a website is not cheap, and the financial support is critical to SCS’s continued operation. I also appreciate all the friends I’ve made over the years on the internet – hopefully, I will meet more of you in person someday.

I visited Kiger Canyon in Oregon’s Steens mountain range this summer.

But most of all, I appreciate you readers and viewers. Your interest, feedback and input are why I keep producing SCS.

All of you have my deepest gratitude – thanks for helping me continue to do my dream job!
Check out the website: https://survivalcommonsense.com/
…and the book – “Bushcraft Basics,” which came out in May: https://www.paypal.com/instantcomm…/checkout/7Q7RAE5HYXSYE

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