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Video: Make an emergency brick rocket stove to help weather the storm

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What if you don’t have an emergency stove for cooking, and the blizzard is on the way or already here?

This stove is very effective, simple to construct and you can build one in your backyard with bricks.

by Leon Pantenburg

Blizzards have hit much of the country, and power outages are already hitting. What if you have neglected to prepare, and are now scrambling to find a cooking stove and fuel?

Well, good luck with that. I was at the neighborhood ACE hardware store on Feb. 13, and in line behind one such shopper. He was looking for a camping stove of any kind, and fuel for it. There was still some gallon Coleman fuel, but that would be gone in another couple hours. And a stove? Forget it – here were none available anywhere.

If there are some bricks available, you can construct this stove. It is very efficient, and uses tiny amounts of fuel. The stove is fueled by twigs, small sticks, pine cones – basically any biomass debris from your back yard. This stove can help get you through the storm.

Some warnings, though.

  • This stove is not a heater. Don’t use one in an enclosed area or underneath an overhang. Any open flame produces carbon monoxide and smoke that can be fatal.
  • Don’t use wet bricks – they may crack because moisture may be in the pores of the bricks. As they dry out, the heat can cause steam which can cause the bricks to fail.
  • You can use any size bricks, so long as they are all the same size. For a long term, permanent stove, use fire bricks.
  • Once the stove is used, let it cool down and cover it with a tarp or visqueen to keep it dry.

Other than that, the stove is simple to make and use. For more information on the brick rocket stove, check out the survivalcommonsense.com website and the playlist below.

Stay prepared, stay safe and stay warm!

People have asked about variations of the improved brick rocket stove, so here are some of the answers. We check out a higher chimney, combined with the better venting system. I asked about the safety of using concrete bricks in construction, and about the possibility of combining regular bricks with them. See what we discovered!

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