Grip: Determining your grip size can help you with proper tool selection. According to a 2005 studyTrusted Source, the optimal handle diameter is 19.7 percent of the user’s hand length.

For example, if your hand length is 7.6 inches, multiply that by 0.197 to get 1.49 inches. This means the optimum handle diameter for a tool such as a hammer would be about 1.5 inches.

That said, the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) suggests there’s more to tool selection than handle diameter. For example, you should also be sure that the tool:

  • is designed for the job
  • is comfortable to hold
  • requires a minimum amount of force to use
  • is balanced
  • is not too light for the job

In my knife reviews, I always handle the knife for the camera so viewers can have a standard to help them decide if the knife will work for them.

Bottom line: That good-looking knife with the slender, short handle may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a user knife. Do the math and make a good handle choice before you invest in a knife!

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