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Video: Urban foraging | Edible and medicinal plants may be easy to find.

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It’s a great idea to combine normal activities with preparedness training.

by Leon Pantenburg

It doesn’t take much to create a learning moment. In this case, I decided to see how many edible and/or medicinal plants I could find on my nightly dog walk.

Naga, my office supervisor and workout partner, walk every night. Generally we walk at a brisk pace about two miles. When I can let her off the leash, Naga typically will cover twice that distance.

Urban dwellers might be surprised to learn how many useful plants can be found in their immediate surroundings. On this night, I never got off the sidewalk, but still found several different plants.

Don’t use this video as a foraging reference. Instead, get a good wild plant book, study it, and take the manual along to compare color photos with actual plants.

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