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Prevent loss of small critical survival items by attaching a poptop, and securing them to a clip or lanyard.

Don’t lose your gear: Pop a top for equipment safety

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Hanging on to your survival tools can be critical. But many of the items are difficult to secure. Here’s how to use a pop top to secure just about anything.

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The Cross Knives All Around Hunter is a well designed hunting knife.

Best hunting knife? We review the Cross Knives All Around Hunter

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Pete Winkler’s recent win on the History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” just proved what some of us already knew: Winkler, owner of Cross Knives, produces excellent blades.

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The SPOT Gen3 locater beacon should be accompanied by navigation gear.

Start with these basics for your wilderness survival gear

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Let this be your mantra: “I will save me. My survival kit won’t save me. My equipment or gear can’t save me.”

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Airlife helicopter

Worth Reading: “Survival Psychology” gives the mental baseline for survival

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The most common first reaction during an emergency is disbelief and denial. Most people won’t know what to do, and most will do the wrong things!

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Check out these do-it-yourself preparedness gifts kids can make

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A home-made gift with some thought behind it trumps the most expensive thing you can buy. And, I promise this: If a child or grandchild makes a survival and/or prepper gift for a loved one, that gift will be cherished, included in a survival kit and used!

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These leadhead jig lures were improvised from available materials. The body in both are composed of wool yarn. The tail on the top lure is made of a marabou feather, and the bottom tail is part of a pheasant feather. Both these patterns are proven and effective.

Don’t Waste Anything: Survival kit and craft projects from big game animals

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There is more to harvest from a big game animal than just the meat. With a little thought and ingenuity, you can find useful projects that will use most parts of the animal!

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Review: Is the Wood Mite Gravity Feed Rocket Stove the best choice for emergency use?

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Everyone, IMHO, ought to have a biomass stove in their survival/emergency gear. The Wood Mite Stove may be what you’re looking for. by Leon Pantenburg Wood Mite supplied this stove for a review. I was not paid to write this, and all I guarantee on any review of any product is a fair shake. At the time of publication, Wood…

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Hatchet or saw: Choose the best portable survival kit woodcutting tool

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When choosing any tool for wilderness or urban survival, start by anticipating where you might be when you may need the tool, and what tasks it will need to perform.

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This stack of garage sale cast iron skillets can be restored to usefulness with a little work.

Restoring a Cast Iron Treasure: How to clean and season the old time cooking utensils

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A little elbow grease, and some steel wool, can help you salvage a badly rusted cast iron cooking implement. Somebody’s rusty, dust-covered survivor of a failed camping trip may end up becoming a valuable addition to your cooking tools.

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Building an effective snow cave takes hard work and the right tools.

Survival knives: Do you need a machete in your emergency kit?

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I carry a machete in my car survival kit, and there are some tasks that a machete is ideally suited for. If you think one of those big South American knives is only good in the jungle or rain forests, think again!

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