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How to make homemade soup/gravy sauce

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Here is an easy recipe to make gravy or a soup base. With flour and this mix, you can make biscuits and gravy. Put this gravy over rice.

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How to pack an earthquake/disaster kit for college students

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What does a college student need for an earthquake/disaster preparedness emergency backpack? Here’s what I packed for my daughter.

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Review: Is the Wood Mite Gravity Feed Rocket Stove the best choice for emergency use?

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Everyone, IMHO, ought to have a biomass stove in their survival/emergency gear. The Wood Mite Stove may be what you’re looking for. by Leon Pantenburg Wood Mite supplied this stove for a review. I was not paid to write this, and all I guarantee on any review of any product is a fair shake. At the time of publication, Wood…

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As a hardcore survival stove, i.e. one that will keep on functioning regardless of the circumstances, you can't beat one that's fueled with biomass. Here's one worth considering.

Review: The improved SilverFire Survivor biomass stove is a good addition to your emergency gear

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If the powergrid goes down, your propane, charcoal or gas stove will work great as long as you have fuel. But a biomass stove never runs out of fuel. Here’s a good choice.

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