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Emergency Food

In an emergency, you can live for days without any food, but not without water.  But you’ll have a much better chance of  keeping your wits about you and the energy needed to survive if there is something to snack on.  Your body starts to crave fuel only a few hours after your last meal.

Find a system for carrying lots of water and use it. If you store your hydration system in a freezer you can forget about mold!

With food your body will produce warmth and feed your brain to think.  And don’t forget that gnawing, empty feeling in your stomach that will distract you from remembering common sense survival techniques!

This can happen to the hiker, who is walking his dog along a nature trail when he trips and breaks a leg.  Many have driven home on a typical afternoon commute to find themselves in an earthquake or tornado and must help others in crisis on an empty stomach.

Are you prepared for an emergency or unanticipated disaster right now?

Food :

Eat well before you go out on any outdoor activity, no matter how brief your plan is to be gone….walking, hiking, skiing, recreational vehicles, biking, climbing, hunting, fishing, or any outdoor activity.

Carry compact, high-calorie snacks in your daypack, such as trail mix or jerky.

Take healthy, high nutrition snacks along whenever you go into the wilderness.

An apple or orange will travel well, and provide energy, nutrition and moisture. You can buy commercial energy bars or make your own.

For longer car rides and excursions, always take extra food.  In fact, just keep an emergency food pack, with water, in the car at all times.  Throw in a box some trail mix, meat jerky and energy bars, with bottled water and keep it there.

Water : A good rule of thumb to drink about a gallon of water every day to be fully hydrated, more in extreme conditions.  Many of us don’t drink this much, but we should!

And, when we are planning to be outside the home for short trips, take at least a quart of water to be safe. Take more when you are planning outdoor excursions.  Again, just keep a box of water bottles in the trunk.

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