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Review: Silverlight® Hiking Socks – comfort in a dry, odor-free sock

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Tired of stinky, sweaty socks at the end of a long hike or day on the job? Want some socks that help keep your feet warm or cool? These might work for you.

by Leon Pantenburg

Silverlight® supplied the product for this review. Nobody had any input in this post, and I was not paid for writing it. At the time of publication, there was no affiliate or sponorship relationship between Silverlight and Survival Common Sense.

So my wife Debbie was working at her computer and I walked in with my Silverlight® Hiking Socks in my hand.

“I need you to smell these and let me know if they stink,” I requested. “They’ve been worn for six weeks without washing, and I’m checking out the company’s hype.”

She gave me one of those looks. Long-time married men know The Look.

“You’re not serious,” she said. “I’m not smelling socks that haven’t been washed in six weeks!”

But after some persuading, she finally – reluctantly – acquiesced.

“They smell like the clothes that used to be in the Sears store near the tires,” she pronounced.

The medium crew sock is designed for boots and low quarter shoes.

My socks had a couple hundred unwashed miles on them at this point. I walk two miles every night with my Lab Naga. The shoes/boots worn depend on my whims and the weather conditions. The Silverlights were worn in waterproof , work or hiking boots in rain, cool weather and on sunny days. Brandon hasn’t gotten brutal, Mississippi hot yet. I also wore the socks around the house, to the gym and the grocery store and to church.

Silverlight makes some pretty incredible claims about their socks. Unlike the competitors, Silverlight socks are lined with silver threads made from pure silver. The same antimicrobial technologies used by astronauts and medical professionals to prevent bacteria build up and growth, the company claims, are in Silverlight hiking socks. Not only does bacteria cause the foot odor that’s starting to develop when you hike, but it also is a leading cause of foot-rot. The antimicrobial socks create a bacteria-free zone around your feet for blister-free hiking without the bad smell.

Silverlight socks have silver coated threads woven into the material.

According to the Silverlight website the socks are:

  • BLISTER-DEFEATING: The best solution to combat any major source of blisters, with smooth compression support that prevents movement and padded areas for extra protection.
  • 100% ODOR-FREE: Silverlight Technology for odor-free hiking with silver coated threads that never wash out.
  • MOISTURE-WICKING: Designed to keep your feet dry and fresh all day long. The moisture-wicking technology prevents sweat from accumulating, while the breathable fabric allows air to circulate freely.
  • ADVENTURE-READY: Whether you’re doing, the socks will keep your feet happy and healthy, during any outdoor activity.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: The hiking socks are made from a blend of high-quality materials, 53% New Zealand Merino Wool, 40% Nylon, 5% Silver Yarn, 2% Spandex, which ensures maximum durability, comfort, and flexibility.


Here is how they worked out.

Fit: The Silverlights come with designated right and left feet, and they are shaped like the bottom of a foot. This helps make the sock toes conform to your feet. There is no empty space around your pinky toe where the material might ball up and cause discomfort.

Size: The large size fits my size 11 wide feet perfectly. The large size is recommended for sizes 9-11. They stretched just enough to work really well in all the boots/shoes I wore. This accurate sizing meant that the heel wouldn’t ball up or wrinkle when pulling on slip-ons.

Durability: I have noticed some slight pilling on the heels, but this is to be expected. In some of the slip-on boots, there is minor friction on the heels. This is also to be expected, and I don’t anticipate the socks wearing out faster because of it.

After more than 200 miles of unwashed wear, the heels show some pilling.

Comfort: These are some of the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. The socks have a seamless design and gentle compression around the instep. The toes and heels are padded.

They dry out quickly, so pair them with breathable boots and your feet stay cool. Cool feet don’t sweat as much, so this adds to the comfort. This also helps your feet stay warm in cold weather. Sweaty feet either get too cold or too hot. Both conditions are uncomfortable.

Moisture wicking: I love wool socks and wear them year-round. The merino wool blend wicks the moisture away from the foot. They dry quickly. Don’t underestimate the value of this in regard to your hiking comfort.

Warranty: On socks? According to Silverlight:

“We stand 100% behind our products and making every single one of our customers happy is our #1 priority.  We offer an unconditional, no hassle, no questions asked lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your Silverlight products, you can return them at any time. Our guarantee applies to Silverlight products that do not meet expectations in terms of durability, comfort and fit.”

Cost for the Silverlight Hiking Socks is about $34 per pair.

Then there is this:

As my wife commented, my socks were not 100% odor free, but they didn’t smell bad after all the wear. There is no question that they are more odor-free than most hiking socks.

Ticky, ticky, ticky: I would like the sock to be thicker.  While these are proclaimed as hiking socks, they feel a bit thin to me. I appreciate the extra padding of a thicker sock – it adds to boot comfort.

Kudos: For every pair of socks bought, Silverlight plants a tree.

Do you need some Silverlight socks?

People who work on their feet all day, through hikers, distance runners and others appreciate quality socks. If you are planning  a long hike such as the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail, durable, quick-drying socks that don’t smell bad could be invaluable. They could cut down on the number of socks that needed to be carried along. Because the Silverlights dry quickly, they can be rinsed out periodically, and dried on top of the backpack. Then, change socks at mid day and rinse out the ones that were being worn. You would always be hiking in clean, dry comfortable socks. This could have a major impact on reducing blisters.

I like these socks, and think they are a solid, reliable product.

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There are many factors that determine how comfortable your hiking footwear will be.  Consider these things when you are shopping:






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