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C.T. Fischer Knives

Reviews of CT Fischer knives for survival situations.

C.T. Fischer and Bark River Nessmuk knives

Review: C.T. Fischer Nessmuk Knife – a contender for best all-around knife

600 336 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

Sometimes a knife just looks right, and that’s what drew my eye to an ad for a “Nessmuk” knife. It looked like a quality workhorse.

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The C.T. Fischer four-inch bushcraft knife is a wonderful all-around knife.

Knife Review and Video: C.T. Fischer Four-Inch Bushcraft knife

450 400 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

There are knives you need and knives you want. My latest Four-Inch Bushcraft Knife from C.T. Fischer fits both categories! The Bushcraft just may be that elusive all-around, do-everything knife you’ve been looking for!

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Survival Knife Sheaths: Make Sure You Stay Safe!

150 150 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

So you’ve decided what fixed-blade knife to include in an emergency survival kit or Bug Out Bag. But how will you safely carry it? Where is the best place to wear that knife on your belt? And what things should you look for in a sheath to make sure the knife isn’t lost?

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