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Leon Pantenburg’s John Muir Trail journal

Stuff that works: My Buck 317 folder served me well for decades

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Equipment users find good gear and work it hard. That happened to the Buck folder I bought 40 years ago.

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A much younger Leon at a silver mine in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana.

My 1976 John Muir Trail Journal

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…even the lousy weather can’t change the beauty of this mountain range. It’s all worth it, when I come over a ridge and can look at all the trees and mountains. The mountains are so beautiful in the mornings, I usually get up early just to watch the sunrise. The air is usually pine-scented. Walking through the forest is like walking through a cathedral. Underfoot, there is a thick carpet of pine needles, which muffles my foot steps. I have walked right up on several herds of deer, just because I was so quiet. I’m really glad to be out here.

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