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These knives are carried by the elk hunters I hunt with. The designs and style reflect a variety of opinions on the subject of the best hunting knife!

Ten things to look for in a survival/bushcraft knife

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Everyone has different ideas about what they need in a survival/bushcraft/hunting knife. Here’s my top ten items to consider before buying one.

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Review: Bark River Cub EDC

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If you’re in the market for a solid knife that  can handle hard use, the Bark River Cub EDC might be what you’re looking for. The knife has a proven, classic design, with features that will endear it to most outdoorspeople. I like the EDC very much, and I’m guessing you would too.

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This knife and The knife and cardboard sheath were made 44 years ago. The sheath still does its job quite well!

How to make a quick, safe knife sheath out of cardboard and duct tape

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Every one-piece knife needs an edge guard or sheath for safety if it is going to be used outdoors. Here’s how to make a quick sheath out of a paper towel roll and duct tape.

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How long should the blade be on a survival/bushcraft knife?

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Suppose you want to invest in a knife for bushcraft and/or overall outdoor use. Which blade length is best?

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