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Review: Beretta Knives Hunter Model

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Beretta USA has a full lines of shooting, outdoor apparel and gear, and it’s only natural they have knives.

I’m checking out their Hunter Model with giraffe bone handle, and here is how it is performing.

by Leon Pantenburg

Disclaimer: Beretta USA is a Survivalcommonsense.com affiliate and supplied the product in this review. Nobody had any input in this post, and the opinions expressed are my own. All I ever promise is a fair shake.

The Bruno Hunter features a giraffe bone handle and Bohler N690 steel.

If you are familiar with Arno Bernard Knives, this knife will look very familiar – the South African company makes this model for Beretta. Arno Bernard is a family of knife makers who design and create superior knives with high-quality components and exotic South African materials.

Anybody who shoots or hunts will recognize the Beretta name. The organization has been in business since 1526, and supplies firearms and equipment to organizations all over the world.

My first impression of the Hunter model knife out of the box was that the workmanship is excellent.

Here are the specs, according to the Beretta USA website:

  • Steel: Bohler N690, Rockwell hardness of 59-60.
  • Overall length: 7-3/8 inches
  • Blade length: 3-1/2 inches
  • Blade thickness: 3/16 inch
  • Blade height: 1-1/16 inch

Arno Bernard knives have an excellent reputation in the knife world. But evaluating a hunting knife when it isn’t hunting season is difficult. Since I can’t use it on a game animal, I have to make educated guesses about how the blade will perform in the field. So far, all I’ve used the knife for is whittling sticks, and doing some kitchen work. Here are my observations so far.

The good stuff:

Steel: I haven’t used Bohler N690, so I’ll reserve judgement until I use this blade more. N690 Bohler Steel can be defined as a cobalt-enriched stainless steel from the Austrian steel company Bohler. The steel is the material of choice for Arno Bernard knives because of reported superior edge-holding ability, and resistance to staining. (Here is why the company uses Bohler N690.)

The handle will fit most average-sized hands.

The stainless blade has a mirror finish, which Beretta says is to ease the cleaning of the blade after using. If the steel performs as advertised, this knife should look good as long as you use it.

Point: Drop point. This is a good choice for a hunting or survival knife. It is sturdy, and works well for piercing blade.

Grind: Flat grind with micro bevel. My favorite grind is convex, but a flat grind makes a good skinner and slicer.

Blade: The belly of the blade, which does the work when skinning, is curved at about the rate as my other skinning knives. It should work well.

Blade length: At 3-1/2 inches, the blade is a good useable length for a hunter. I personally prefer a four-to-five inch length blade for most of my hunting work, but that is more personal preference than anything else. My elk hunting buddies use knives with blades ranging from three-inch folders to nine-inch Bowies.

The sturdy leather sheath is well-made and good looking.

Sheath: Each sheath is custom fitted to each blade. The leather sheath is saddle stitched, so each stitch is individually locked.

Handle: The handle of the Beretta Hunter is giraffe bone. It is pretty and appears to be tough. The bones come from scavenged skeletons,  and there are several series that feature different bones.

The handle measures a shade under four inches. My palm measures right at four inches. If your hands are average-sized (palm measurement of about 3-1/2 inches) the handle should fit you very well.

Do you need a Beretta Hunter?

Well, it is a well-built knife that appears as sturdy as a tank.

From using other knives of a similar design, I would say that this knife could be very useful to the average whitetail hunter. Not to mention that it is drop-dead gorgeous, and will look really good on your belt.

I’ll be checking this knife out further come November and deer season.

You can order a Beretta Hunter here.

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