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How to improvise a tarp fastening when there are no grommets

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Suppose all you have to make a survival shelter from is a piece of visqueen or Tyvek. There are no grommets in the corners or sides – how will you secure the tarp?

by Leon Pantenburg

A simple way to create a tarp fastening only requires a rock, pine cone or some round-ish, small object. Find one of these, then:

  • Fold the object into a corner or edge. One way is to bunch the fabric and insert the object.
  • Tie a sliding knot or use two half hitches to make a slip knot.
  • Wrap the bundle with the slip knot and tighten.

This will give you a sturdy attachment, and it is not likely to tear in the wind. There are also some commercial tarp attachments you may want to consider.

Survival tools don’t need to be expensive or elaborate. They just need to work.

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