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Surviving a Wilderness Emergency

This tree well shelter was made quickly by Phil Brummett

How to turn a tree well into an emergency snow shelter in only ten minutes

600 325 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

Every year we hear of skiers who get lost overnight or snowmobiles breaking down in the back country, and others who go missing. Make a life saving, emergency snow shelter in under 10 minutes with the equipment on your back, and make sure you get found.

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I still use the 15-foot canoe that carried me all the way to the gulf.

About Leon Pantenburg

300 227 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

Leon Pantenburg is a wilderness enthusiast, and doesn’t claim to be a survival expert or expertise as a survivalist. As a newpaperman for three decades, covering search and rescue, sheriff’s departments and outdoor emergencies, Leon learned many people died unnecessarily or escaped miraculously from outdoor emergency situations when simple, common sense may have changed the outcome. Leon now teaches common sense survival techniques to the average person in order to avert potential disasters.

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