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Mike Stewart, bark river knives

Knife maker Mike Stewart discusses thin blades and batoning firewood

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I like thin-bladed knives and think batoning firewood is highly overrated. Mike Stewart, president of Bark River Knives, and a knife industry legend, explains why today’s knife blades had to be made thicker because of the batoning fad. Here are his Facebook comments, used with his permission. 

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Bark River Knives, Bowie knives, best Bowie knife

Video Bowie review: Bark River V-44 combines historical accuracy with new materials

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I can quit acquiring and accumulating knives whenever I want. Really. But show me a historic design, made with modern materials, and I teeter on the edge of getting yet another knife I don’t need. The Bark River V-44 did that to me recently. Here’s what I found out about this classic Bowie knife.

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