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Mike Stewart, bark river knives

Knife maker Mike Stewart discusses thin blades and batoning firewood

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I like thin-bladed knives and think batoning firewood is highly overrated. Mike Stewart, president of Bark River Knives, and a knife industry legend, explains why today’s knife blades had to be made thicker because of the batoning fad. Here are his Facebook comments, used with his permission. 

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Review: Bark River Edwin Forrest Bowie knife shows classic utility, design

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Bowie knives have always been the rage on the American frontier, ever since the 1830s. Today’s Bowies are better than ever and the traditional, proven design, combined with old-time craftsmanship and modern materials creates a new classic.

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Video Bowie review: Bark River V-44 combines historical accuracy with new materials

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I can quit acquiring and accumulating knives whenever I want. Really. But show me a historic design, made with modern materials, and I teeter on the edge of getting yet another knife I don’t need. The Bark River V-44 did that to me recently. Here’s what I found out about this classic Bowie knife.

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The Mountain Man, bottom, bears a strong resemblance to the replica Russell.

Thick or thin? What’s the best blade design for you?

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One thing to consider before investing in a knife is how thick the blade is. Blade thickness directly affects how the knife can be used, and how effective it will be. Here is how to chose the best thickness for your needs.

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