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My most recent posts about surviving an emergency in the wilderness or urban setting. Emergency preparedness, survival gear, survival knives, making fire, emergency foods.

For Wilderness and Urban Safety: Attach a whistle to your child

600 400 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

You can only yell for help as long as your voice lasts. Here’s why you need to carry a whistle.

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Crappie are a prolific panfish, widely distributed and fun to catch and eat! (ODFW photo)

Recipe: Crappie chowder, a tasty way to cook panfish with storage foods

289 174 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

A great comfort food on a cold night, or in camp after a successful day of fishing is chowder. If you can use some of the catch to make dinner that night, that is an added bonus.

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D Day, D Day Omaha Beach

La Pine, Oregon veteran recalls Omaha Beach landing on D Day

600 300 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

On this 74th anniversary of D Day, I hope to honor my friend, the late Bob Shotwell, by posting his recollections of the D Day amphibious assault.

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heat, stay cool when power goes down

10 tips for staying cool during a power outage/heat wave emergency

300 163 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

An emergency situation caused by a summer storm may be made worse by the hot weather! How will you stay cool during the heat wave/disaster? Here are some tips.

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