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Make a Fire

Learn critical fire building skills, primitive fire making, starting a fire with flint and steel, and making fire under emergency conditions, including rain and snow.

water heater, find urban water, emergency water sources

Five tips for accessing the water stored in a water heater during an emergency

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You have a large reservoir of potable water in your house, just waiting to be tapped. Here’s how to use the reserve stored in the water heater when an emergency happens.

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Hults Bruk American felling axe, best felling axe, axes

Review | The Hults Bruk American Felling Axe should be part of your preparedness gear

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If you only had one tool to use for clearing land, building a cabin and possibly self defense, chances are you’d pick an axe. Take a look at this axe for inclusion in your emergency gear. A quality ax may be worth its weight in gold.

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Zippo butane lighter, Zippo

Review | Butane Zippo may need to be part of your survival fire making kit

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It is hard to improve on a tried and proven piece of gear, especially when 500 million have already been sold. But this latest fire making tool from Zippo may be an improvement on that old classic lighter.

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