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Check out these winter driving tips from AAA and other experts

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Sometimes the best winter driving advice is “Don’t go!” But if you must be on the road, here are some tips from the American Automobile Association and other expert sources.

by Leon Pantenburg

Bend, Oregon – I’m looking out the window at what remains of a 12-inch snow dump last week, freezing rain and potentially hazardous driving.

Freezing fog and low visibility add to already hazardous driving conditions.

Freezing fog and low visibility add to already hazardous driving conditions.

Last night at 6 p.m.,  it took me about 30 minutes to go a mile. I turned around when I got downtown, and inched my way back home.

How bad was it?

Well, I was en route – with my new mandolin and fiddle – to play for one of my favorite audiences at Whispering Winds assisted living facility across town. For me to miss any sort of musical gathering means the roads were REALLY bad.

Common sense needs to trump unnecessary travel right now. But if you have to be out, here are some tips from AAA and some info from SurvivalCommonSense.com.

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