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Best knife sheath? We review the Jenna Martin Vehement Knives design

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A really, really important part of a rigid blade knife is the sheath. A good one will be safe and comfortable to carry and get used. A poorly-designed sheath is dangerous and encourages you leaving the knife behind. This design by Jenna Martin is incredible!

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Troop 18 bought 50 Mora 840 Companions for the scouts to use.

Five reasons Boy Scouts should use rigid blade knives

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Many Boy Scout councils and camps ban fixed-blade knives. Here’s why they shouldn’t. (And why the well-prepared survivalist/prepper should consider adding a fixed blade to his survival gear.) by Leon Pantenburg I love folding knives, and carry one daily. As an assistant scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 18 in Bend, Oregon, and a skills trainer, I am sometimes asked for…

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