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Survival Recipes: How to make onion soup mix for campfire cooking

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Onion soup mix can be a standard, go-to base for many dishes. Make your own.

One of my go-to ingredients for outdoor cooking is onion soup mix. It is a base for my venison recipe: High Speed Venison, and it’s useful in just about anything that relies on a tasty soup base. Make a rub, a marinade, a soup thickener or even dip for the camp.

by Leon Pantenburg

When I take cooking ingredients to hunting camp, the idea is to use some of the meat we harvest as part of the menu. This soup mix, from “Jan’s Fabulous Food Storage Recipes” can serve as a base for just about anything, so make sure to take a lot along.

There is a frugal prepper advantage to this recipe: it’s really inexpensive to make. While I love the convenience of the pre-packaged mixes at camp, they each cost about about a dollar each and they’re full of non-natural ingredients that can spike blood pressure and affect inflammation, gastro issues, and other nasty stuff. You want to stay energetic and healthy in camp to have a successful hunt.

This mix can be made ahead of time for pennies, and stored in an air-tight  container.  And, if you use the suggested ingredients, there is the added benefit of making it completely organic.

Onion Soup Mix (optional organic for a healthier solution)

2/3 c dehydrated onion

1/2 c beef base powder

1/3 c powdered butter

2 Tbs clear jel (or you can use corn starch)

2 tsp onion powder

2-1/2 tsp parsley, dried

1/8 tsp garlic granules, dried

Mix all together and store in a mason jar, or plastic container. Use in burgers, meatloaf, dressings or dips.


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