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Cold Steel Master Hunter | Top quality hunting knife

Cold Steel Master Hunter | Top quality hunting knife

$103.00 $79.99

Cold Steel Master Hunter

  • Blade: 4 1/2″
  • Drop point, flat grind
  • Handle: black Kraton
  • Overall: 9 1/4″
  • Weight: 6.1 oz.
  • Steel: VG-1 San Mai III
  • Sheath: Concealex



The Cold Steel  Master Hunter’s name says it all. If you could only have one knife for big game hunting, the Master Hunter should be in the running.

First, my criteria. My qualifications for any survival knife are based on prejudice, use and experience.

Briefly, my hunting and survival tool must be a strong sheath knife with a sturdy blade. No folders or guthooks. The blade should be between four to six inches long, and made of a steel that is easy to sharpen, but that will hold an edge well.

So, IMO, Cold Steel makes a very, very good knife for your survival and hunting needs and you can narrow your choices down to the SRK and the Master Hunter. But you will have to decide.

First, the similarities:

  • The Kraton handles on both knives  give a positive grip, especially where conditions are wet and slippery.  Cleaning game is certainly one of those occasions and expressly the role the Master Hunter was intended to fill.
  • Both models have blades with backbone, though the Master Hunter’s is shorter: 4-1/2  inches, versus the SRK’s 5-3/4 inches. The thick blades are incredibly strong, but also means that neither knife is the best choice for a meat-slicing knife. And I’ve never gotten any Cold Steel knife new out of  a box without it already being shaving-sharp.
  • Both knives have excellent sheaths, readily adaptable to carry and safe. I really like the Concealex sheaths shipped with both models. Both have a snap closure that  lets you put on or take off the sheath without undoing your belt.  That’s an extra little touch I like a lot. You can also adjust the location of the belt loop with two Phillips- head bolts.

But there are a few differences that only knife enthusiasts would consider:

  • The SRK comes with a blackened blade, which is useless for my needs. I removed the finish on my SRK immediately, and have never had a problem with rust. The Master Hunter comes with a bright, plain finish that is appropriate for a working hunting knife.
  • The SRK has a clip point, which is my favorite design for that initial cut up the belly and through the ribcage of a whitetail. But the Master Hunter has a drop-point, which is another great choice.
  • The angle, or bevel, of  the edge is more abrupt on the SRK, making it more of a wedge and harder to sharpen. The Master Hunter’s bevel is more gradual and spread out over the width of the whole blade.

I don’t claim to be a wilderness survival expert, but I know what equipment works for me in the backcountry.  The Master Hunter  will serve you well.


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