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Review: Popov™ Leather Card Holder may be all the wallet you need

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Wallets vary as much as the people who use them.

I use several different wallet designs, depending on what I might be doing. This Popov™ Leather Card Holder may be just what you need for going light.

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by Leon Pantenburg

Popov® Leather supplied the product used in this review. At the time of publication, there was no sponsorship relationship between Popov Leather and Survival Common Sense. Popov had no input in this review, and all we ever promise when reviewing a product is a fair shake.

The wallet I’m carrying depends on where I am and what I’m doing.


The Popov Leather Card Holder is a minimalist approach to wallets.

If I’m hunting or fishing, my wallet is filled with licenses, tags and extra cash. For that, I need a larger wallet that can carry a lot of stuff. Since the wallet will ride in my daypack or the thigh pocket of my BDU pants, bulk is not a big deal.

But in my other life as a community college instructor, I wore dress pants, shirt and tie, and sometimes a suit. I needed a thin, front pocket wallet that wouldn’t be too bulky, and that would look appropriate in a nice restaurant. The wallet has to be big enough to carry some items from my wardrobe survival kit.

So before you buy any wallet, decide which wallet category you fit in.

The catch-all wallet: Guys frequently fall in this category. We carry the same wallet everywhere and it is stuffed to the gills with all sorts of unnecessary junk. This wallet is about as thick as a hocky puck, bulges in a hip pocket, and is uncomfortable to carry. This is a common wallet for women, too. My wife’s wallet is so big she needs a purse to carry it in

In my outdoor life, I tend to carry a bigger wallet because I need to carry licences, tags, and extra cash in case I need to hire someone to haul meat out or I need supplies from a backwoods store. I like the Maxpedition Spartan or the T.H.E. Wallet J.R.

At the other end of the spectrum is the minimalist wallet.

The minimalist only wants to carry the bare minimum with him/her. This wallet will get tossed into a bike saddle bag, daypack or hip pocket of running shorts.

Here are the specs on the Popov™ Leather Card Holder:

  • Water resistant chromexcel leather treated with hot-stuffed with tallow and waxes
  • Burnished and polished edges
  • Hand sewn with imported Tiger Thread and saddle stitched
  • Fits up to 5 cards in the main pocket
  • Room for cash or additional cards in wrap-around pocket
  • Dimensions closed: 7.3cm wide x 9.5cm high x 0.7cm thick

The Popov wallet is for minimalists, the T.H.E. Wallet JR can carry everything, including some survival tools.

Here’s what I found:

Size: For someone who is wearing office clothes and not doing any immediate travel the car holder is perfect. You can stick an insurance card, driver’s licence, a couple of credit cards and some cash in the wallet, and you’re ready to head for the grocery store or a night out on the town.

If you carry a lot of business gear in your daypack or satchel, the Popov will not take up much space, but will have needed items easily at hand.

Quality: The Popov  is well made, with quality leather and precise stitching. It is going to look good, and last for a long time.

Comfort: I started carrying a front pocket wallet several years ago at the advice of a chiropractor friend. Sit on a hockey puck wallet for long and the bulk will make your back crooked and lead to aches and pains.

But the front pocket wallet needs to be small enough that it is comfortable while you’re sitting. If you have to take the wallet out of your pocket at your desk, you’ve chosen the wrong size.

Security: A front pocket wallet is usually harder to steal than one carried in a hip pocket, though that won’t foil a determined thief. If you’re really concerned about pickpockets, you can put your hand over your wallet in your pocket.

Not too keen on:


I use these wallets regularly. My ISU duct tape wallet was handmade for me by my niece, Sarah Horger.

This is a personal preference – I don’t like people seeing how much cash I have on me. With a wallet where you must carry paper money folded – like the Popov –  you have to pull out and unfold all your cash to pay for something. This is advertising to the world that you might be a good candidate to rob.

Obviously, you can deal with this somehow, possibly by carrying a money clip.

While I like the Popov, I prefer to carry a thin bi-fold that doesn’t require unfolding the money. My wife, on the other hand, will like the Popov very much and will use it exensively.

Like everything, a piece of equipment has to work for you, and this Popov Leather Card Carrier might be what you need.

Learn how to make a skinny wallet part of your survival gear: go here.

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