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Video: MS River sets new flood longevity record

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It’s no secret that the Mississippi and many other rivers have been flooding this year.

But the Mississippi has set a new record for flood longevity, eclipsing even the epoch, benchmark flood of 1927. Things are not looking good along the big river.

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by Leon Pantenburg

I thought I had seen the high water, and that the river would crest and everything would be downhill after that. That was in April, 2019.

But the water didn’t go down. In fact, the river set flooding records all over.

Check out the high water video below that was shot in April.

At Vicksburg, Mississippi, the river went above flood stage on Feb, 17, 2019. Flood stage at Vicksburg is 43 feet. As of  June 27, the river was at 48.9 feet, and according the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, the river will remain at 48.9 feet for at least the next several days.

Baton Rouge reports 136 days of flooding as of June 27, 2019.

The long term forecast is not encouraging. The river will remain above flood stage until at least July 10, the Corps says, which is the most recent projection.  There will be at least one to two weeks of higher water as the snowmelt runoff and rainfall runoff moves through the system.

flood stage at Vicksburg, MS flooding

My deepest sympathies to all those farmers who won’t have a crop this year, the people displaced by the high water, and those loggers who can’t harvest their timber.

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