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Try this recipe for tasty Homemade Survival Bars

Lightweight trail food for backpacking
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I met Angela Paskett about a year ago at a Food Insurance gathering. There was no question she knew her stuff when it came to storing and preserving food. At the time, Angela mentioned she was working on a food storage book. Well, that book is done and I am really enjoying reading it. A review will follow shortly, but I just had to post this recipe for  Homemade Survival Bars right now. – Leon

by Angela Paskett


Long-lasting trail foods are critical parts of emergency survival gear

Have you ever wanted to make your own survival food bars?  Like the survival food bars the stores sell, but homemade survival bars so you know what’s in them.  Well, I got together with a few friends to make some homemade survival food bars and here’s how it turned out.  Make sure to read through the comments when you’re done for some suggestions on making them better!

Apparently there are a couple of different recipes out there for these survival bars, we just used one I had been given by a food storage lady.  This was really an interesting experiment, because there were six of us making these survival bread loaves, and of course they turned out six different ways. We’ll discuss what happened as we go through the directions.
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