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How to clean an elk heart and make fajitas from it

This Bark River Sahara worked really well as a hunting knife.
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When it comes to comfort foods, Mexican-style is one of my favorites. Here’s how to make one of my go-to dishes, using elk heart.

by Leon Pantenburg

To say you’re making fajitas is more of a statement of purpose than a firm commitment to a recipe.

Basically, a fajita is a a stir fry recipe, where the meat is cooked quickly, mixed with vegetables, then served over rice. Or you can roll it up in a tortilla.

One reason the dish is so popular is because a premium cut of meat isn’t needed. In fact, you can use some of the tougher pieces, or an organ you wouldn’t normally think to use.

This bull elk carcass was boned out with a Sportsman. It never needed sharpening

This bull elk carcass was boned out to get every usable shred of meat.

Like elk heart.

It’s been a long time since I recovered a heart from a deer or elk, since that is my target of choice. When hit through the heart, the animal may drop in its tracks or run for a short distance before dying. The last two deer I shot were hit through the heart and lungs, leaving a bloody slurry in the ribcage.

I finally recovered an intact heart from the elk I killed last year. I didn’t hit exactly where I aimed, but the bullet still took out both lungs and part of the liver. The bull dropped in its tracks.

Everything is used, so I packed the liver and heart in large plastic bags and hauled them out. If nothing, else my two Labs would love them.

To make fajitas, slice the meat thinly, then marinade it for a while. Sear it in a hot cast iron pan, then add vegetables. The dish is fast, east to make and it really hits the spot at home or in the hunting camp.

Here is a good fajita recipe from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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