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Learn how to identify these 10 medicinal weeds in your lawn

medicinal plants, good weeds, eat the weeds
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A weed is a plant that is misplaced or in the wrong place.

I learned that in a college botany class. Here are some “weeds” with medicinal properties.

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by Leon Pantenburg

Spring will come some day. I know it will. Really.

medicinal plants, good weeds, eat the weeds

Dandelions are a common medicinal plant. (Alderleaf Wilderness College photo)

And when warm weather does arrive, there will be all sorts of  green plants in my lawn that are not grass. Along the edges, there may be others that will get a weed wacker treatment.

Succumbing to peer pressure and homeowner codes and covenants, most of us get rid of the good weeds in favor of artificially green, chemically-fertilized grass.

But maybe you’ll want to consider what is coming up naturally, and decide if there are some medicinal plants that you might want to harvest or keep.

I came across this post from  Alder Leaf Wilderness College that discusses and provides color photos of 10 common wild plants with medicinal properties.

It’s worth taking a look at.  Click here to read further.

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