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Leon Pantenburg offers his personal collection of knives for sale. Some are new and some are slightly-used after performing a detailed spec review for the reader. Used knives are indicated with a link to the review. We accept purchases using PayPal,and all major credit cards. Knives are shipped within 24 hours to the U.S. using USPS priority shipping. Shipping costs included. You’re welcome to email Leon for more information. CONTACT





Hemphill Pukko – NEW 

Custom knife maker Jesse Hemphill made this knife by hand, using the tried and proven Scandinavian pattern. It features a maple burl handle and A2 steel. New in box, never used except to whittle paper.
Overall length: 9″, Blade length: 4.25″, Grind: convex, Blade steel: A2@ 58-60 RC, Blade thickness: .185″, Weight: 5.5 oz. Comes with sturdy leather sheath
Retail: $299.95
Your Price: $239.99
includes free shipping in CONUS



Condor 5″ Bushcraft Basic – NEW
Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean cheap and inferior. This Condor bushcrafter knife is a great beginner knife for people on a budget. The experienced outdoorsperson can also appreciate the quality design and materials that make up this knife. It’s a knife that can make a great backup or hard use knife.
SPECS: Overall length: 9-3/8″, Blade length: 5″, Blade steel: 1095 high carbon with epoxy black powder coating, Walnut handle, Scandi grind, leather sheath. New in box, never used.
Retail: $64.98
Your price: $49.99 includes free shipping in CONUS






Bushcraft Basics: A Common Sense Wilderness Survival Handbook 

Order your signed copy here

Be ready for any emergency, at any time. Could you survive in the wilderness on your own? From clothing recommendations to picking the best firestarter, expert survival instructor Leon Pantenburg shares his immense knowledge of bushcraft and survivalist skills so that anyone—backpackers, preppers, city dwellers, and more—can be ready for a possible emergency.

In Bushcraft Survival, Pantenburg delivers practical tips and anecdotes that cater to readers who are looking to improve their outdoor skills and prepare for every potential disaster. Drawing from his personal experience as an avid outdoorsman and years as a journalist, Pantenburg lays out easy-to-follow steps to prep for both short and long-term survival situations.

As natural disasters become increasingly present and people continue to rely on reality television shows for survival tips, developing bushcraft abilities is becoming more and more important. In this thorough handbook, Pantenburg covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Developing a survival mindset
  • Crafting survival kits
  • Choosing clothing best suited to survival
  • Picking materials and objects to help you survive
  • Building a variety of shelters
  • Deciding what survival tools you should pack and which you should leave at home
  • Effectively make a fire using different techniques

Filled with time-tested techniques and first-hand experience, Bushcraft Survival is the ideal book for those who want to step up their hiking or camping game, as well as those who are searching for relevant advice on emergency preparedness.

Your cost: $14.99 includes free shipping in CONUS





  • Troy

    I’m a old boyscout and my father was a combat engineer in WW2,He taught his two sons well.Be prepare at all times.Keep your head on a swivel and be Prepared!

  • Longshortsf

    I already have the stuff listed in this article. I never throw away or sell survival items as they will always have a use someday. Most items are stored in one of my outbuildings with vistis for occasional preventative maintenance so that no rust or moisture gathers on the stuff. I’ve been prepping for over 20 years, because of a “gut feeling” I will need this stuff someday. The only stuff that gets changed out is MRE’s and canned goods that are close to really expiring. I can ” bug out” or “bug in” as conditions warrant. I do a lot of camping to practice the arts of surviving – and it is relaxing and fun to get away from the hectic everyday life. I watch no TV as that invention turns your mind to mush with stupid “reality TV” and far left biased news “reports” and so called “polls”. I can walk a mile and be in a lush forest to camp in, or pull the mains switch on my house and Bug In. A small fire, the radio, and a good wayward pine creates a shelter that can’t be beat. Stuff made in America doesn’t break down like Chinese stuff, so I buy no Chinese stuff. “Durable goods”are made in America, or by your own hands. A knife made from a used lawnmower blade is better than a Chinese blade anyday and you can be proud because you made it yourself. All these “off the shelf” items you buy do not teach you how to fix them if they break. You must be the “jack of all trades, and the master of a few” to really make it in the wild. Look up Paul Harvey’s 1965 programs on youtube to listen to a man eho could see the future of America. Good Day!

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