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Field test | How do these hunting knives perform as meat cutters?

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Last week, I went to Addy’s Custom Meats to try out some knives. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

by Leon Pantenburg

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breaking beef, butchering, hunting knives, best hunting knife

Eric is a good teacher, and I learned a lot. There is no substitute for one-on-one, hands-on training.

To test a hunting knife for its intended purposes, you must do some meat cutting and processing.  And since hunting season, for me, is still two months away, I needed to improvise.

So I took some knives to Addy’s Custom Meats, and owners Eric and Tehela Addy were kind enough to let me use them on a Longhorn cow. They put up with my constant questions, and let me use the knives for breaking beef and meat cutting.

I took along four knives: The Bravo 1.25 LT; C.T. Fischer full tang, six-inch; True Saber Shawnee and L.T. Wright Large Northern Hunter.

Eric stood at my elbow, giving me tips and teaching techniques that would improve my garage or carport meat cutting.

Both cutters tried out the knives, and you should see how they can handle blades! The butchers’ favorites, so far, are the Bark River Bravo 1.25 LT and the True Saber Shawnee. I tested the edge on these two when I got home, and I am impressed. Both knives were used a lot, and both were still sharp.

Reviews are coming on all these knives, but here are a couple of quick videos that show the edge holding ability of two of them:

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