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Recipe: Troop 18 Foil Wrap Cobbler

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Think your child is a fussy eater? Try this recipe on a campout, and let the fussy eater make his/her own. This really simple recipe is a crowd pleaser, and it is so easy to be successful!

by Leon Pantenburg

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I’ve been a Boy Scout cooking merit badge counselor for years, and I really enjoy watching kids go from being totally inept at campfire cooking to near-gourmet proficiency. One mom pulled me aside after a meeting shortly after Mother’s Day.

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Foil wraps are a great way to start out beginners in off grid cooking.

“Will cooked breakfast for me on Mother’s Day,” she told me proudly. “And it was GOOD!”

And I have to smile when a newcomer parent points out, with some concern, that their son is a fussy eater. My experience is that a healthy appetite, worked up outdoors, can make  just about anything taste good. Add to that a campfire, some instruction and a simple recipe, and any kid can create his own delicious dish.

If I had to pick one recipe to start an off grid beginner cook with, it would be this foil wrap cobbler dessert. It is virtually foolproof, and you’d have to work hard to screw it up. Let the newcomer make his own on his first campout, and he’s set up for cooking success.

To the new prepper, learning how to cook with foil over a campfire is a survival technique. If you carry aluminum foil in your emergency gear, as I do, foil cooking can be a skill to combine with your other survival tools.

Top this warm cobbler with vanilla ice cream, and it becomes almost sinfully delicious.


Pie filling

White or yellow cake mix

Pats of butter or margarine

This is a beginner recipe that adapts the time-honored dump cake to foil.

Place several tablespoons of pie filling on the foil, then top with cake mix and pats of butter. Fold the ingredients into the foil and place on the grill. Cook about 10 to 12 minutes on one side, then flip and cook another 5 to 10 minutes.



  • Old Scoutmaster from 247…. I except my Scouts to be Scouts 24 x 7…

    I have cooked like this numerous times…. Cake mix, Bisquick, or regular Flour & Sugar with a few extra seasonings…. in the woods cooking like this you just learn to dump and go more by portion.. if it looks to thick or to soupy adjust if your in the woods and you dumped in to much water or liquid all it means is you will have to cook a little longer… grilled on coals or baked in mud… just Cobblers or cakes just slow cook… better to take your time than to burn it… Have fun with the recipes.

  • Kim

    Look up dump cake recipe and you’ll see how that is made and then you’ll understand why the directions are vague.

  • Leon

    Same answer – don’t overthink this. The recipe is vague because it doesn’t really matter how long you cook it. Cook until the thing looks done. Check it, and if the foil wrap isn’t done, cook longer.

  • Kat

    This recipe is frustratingly vague. Do you use JUST the cake mix, or do you mix it according to the instructions? How many pats of butter? And the instructions say “grill,” but most often I do foil dinners (etc.) in the coals. Which is it, or does it matter? Pictures would help, since the instructions are so vague.

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