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Don’t get lost – carry updated topo maps

The SPOT Gen3 locater beacon should be accompanied by navigation gear.
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The topo map says there’s supposed to be a trail. But there isn’t, or it goes in the wrong direction. Could the map be out of date?

Blake Miller, a survival instructor and navigation guru first published this on OutdoorQuest.com

Philip Werner at Section Hiker has a super post about the poor quality of the new USGS topograhic maps.

“Have you ever noticed how incomplete and out of date digital maps are when it comes to hiking trails? At least on the free USGS maps you can download on the web and that come bundled with GPS devices or Smartphone navigation apps. In my neck of the woods, you still need to use the waterproof paper maps published by local cartographers because they’re far more up-to-date than digital maps.”

Read the complete story: digital maps.

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