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Check out these 12 nutritious edible weeds available just about everywhere

All parts of a cattail are edible, but don't mistake them for the poisonous iris.
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Gardening can be hard work. Here’s some edibles that grow wild – and free.

by Leon Pantenburg

Who doesn’t want free food?

If you know what you’re doing, you’ll  find all sorts of goodies to supplement your diet.

If you know what you’re doing.

Take cattails, for example. All parts are edible, and the plant is

All parts of a cattail are edible, but don't mistake them for the poisonous iris.

These are cattails. Always look for the cigar seed head.

widely distributed – I’ve found cattails in swamps with standing water, and around stock ponds in the desert. But there is a dangerous look-alike iris plant that is poisonous. (Here’s how to tell the difference.)

Or dandelions:

Everybody knows what they look like. For most homeowners with a lawn, the plants with the bright yellow flowers  are a nuicense.

But during a disaster when the food gets short, dandelions can provide vitamin C and greens to supplement an otherwise bland storage food diet.

Be careful where you harvest them, though, and make sure the plants haven’t been hit with some lawn care herbicide. I used to pull dandelion leaves and feed them to my daughter’s rabbits. The rabbits preferred dandelions to all other foods.

Here are 12 edible “weeds” that can be found in vacant lots, in woods or any place where the herbicides haven’t taken them out.

DON’T eat anything you can’t positively identify.


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