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Camp Cooking

Survival food can be easily prepared during an emergency situation using simple, long-term storage food items, cooking outdoors with dutch ovens, and using off-the-grid cooking methods.

Recipe: Troop 18 Foil Wrap Cobbler

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Think your child is a fussy eater? Try this recipe on a campout, and let the fussy eater make his/her own. This really simple recipe is a crowd pleaser, and it is so easy to be successful!

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make jerky, small game jerky, make venison jerky

Survival recipe: Squirrel spaghetti

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Squirrels are the second-most harvested small game animals in the United States, next to rabbits. Here’s how to make a delicious spaghetti dish out of squirrel meat.

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Video review: The Solo Stove biomass backpacking stove

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Some things you can’t lighten up and one of those is stove fuel. So the idea of a lightweight backpacking stove, such as the Solo Stove, with no moving parts, that burns twigs, pine cones, sticks etc is very attractive.

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