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Cast iron and Dutch oven cooking

Cooking in dutch ovens requires special gear and techniques, perfect for outdoor camp cooking, or cooking after a natural disaster in an urban emergency setting.

Three never fail Dutch oven recipes for campfire cooking

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New to Dutch oven cooking? These recipes are (virtually) foolproof. Learn how to wow your camping crowd with breakfast, dinner and dessert.

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This stack of garage sale cast iron skillets can be restored to usefulness with a little work.

Restoring a Cast Iron Treasure: How to clean and season the old time cooking utensils

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A little elbow grease, and some steel wool, can help you salvage a badly rusted cast iron cooking implement. Somebody’s rusty, dust-covered survivor of a failed camping trip may end up becoming a valuable addition to your cooking tools.

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kerosene lanterns, emergency lighting,

Propane or gas: How to choose a lantern and/or stove fuel

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Should you get a propane or gas lantern or stove? Tank or canister? What are the advantages, disadvantages and what considerations should you be aware of?

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