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This simple A Frame tarp shelter is a quick emergency shelter, and can provide ample protection.

Video: Five tips to make a really quick emergency tarp shelter

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Speed and convenience may be the deciding factor between getting wet and cold, of sitting out a storm front, dry and comfortable under a tarp. Here are the materials and skills you need to make a hasty shelter.

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Peter Kummerfeldt: Getting Rescued – To Be Seen or Not

150 150 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

Say you’re lost in a wilderness area. Survivors had to decide if it’s in their best interest to remain where they were or to attempt to make their own way back.

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Peter Kummerfeldt: Heat challenges can be fatal

150 150 Survival Common Sense Blog | Emergency Preparedness

Some areas are starting to cool down from the summer heat, but there is still a danger for the unprepared. Survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt discusses some of the dangers associated with hot weather, and how you should prepare yourself.

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Look for greenery when trying to find water in the desert. Desert water source

Video: How long should you boil water during a survival situation?

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Just about everyone agrees that boiling water before drinking is one of the safest ways to purify it. But how long should the water be boiled?

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