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This Altoids Tin Survival kit weighs about what an iPod does, and contains many basic survival items.

Make an Altoids Tin Survival Kit

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An Altoids tin survival kit is by no means all you should carry for survival!!! But you need to have something in your pockets, in the event you are separated from your gear, or are in an area where carrying your complete setup is impractical.

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Gear Review: Camp Chef Dutch Oven Dome

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I was not paid to do this review. The following is my opinion, based on field testing. All I ever guarantee is a fair review. I will not sell, nor help anyone else sell any product I would not use myself. One accessory I field-tested last summer was the Dutch Oven Dome. When used in conjunction with the double-burner and…

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Review: Camp Chef Remote Meat Thermometer

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If you are cooking for a large group outside, using multiple ovens, it would be very convenient to have the meat monitored by the remote thermometer. It would eliminate the need to open lids to check on cooking progress.

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