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Making Survival Kits

Learn to assemble and make your own survival kit for the pocket, the car, the home, the backpack.

Gear For Survival Kits You Should Always Carry!

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BEWARE! If you don’t know how to use the materials in the (wilderness survival) kit, and don’t practice with them, you may develop a false sense of confidence. This attitude could get you in a lot more trouble!

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Field Testing the Altoids Tin Pocket Survival Kit

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The Altoids tin prototype kit was field tested in the summer of 2007 by two experienced backpackers, Josh Sullivan and Jeremy Cline of Bend. Prior to a weekend hike in the Three Sisters Wilderness, they were given the kit with no instructions, but to use it as best they could.
The Altoids kit is intended as a five-ounce backup, not as the primary collection of survival gear. Both men carried complete survival gear with them.

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This Altoids Tin Survival kit weighs about what an iPod does, and contains many basic survival items.

Make an Altoids Tin Survival Kit

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An Altoids tin survival kit is by no means all you should carry for survival!!! But you need to have something in your pockets, in the event you are separated from your gear, or are in an area where carrying your complete setup is impractical.

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