Check out these free mapware programs

Posted on December 7th, 2012 by Leon in Blake Miller: GPS

There are many map software programs on the market and several that are free. Check these out.

by Blake Miller

Garmin ( has several products available. I’d check REI for a good list of what is available. The quality is very good, road and trail information is current; it’s a quality product. On my older Garmin products I still use the old Map Source product and it works nicely for my needs.

Check out this survival LED light for a keychain!

Check out this survival LED light for a keychain!

Maps are essential to staying found in the backcountry.

Montana Mapping ( is an absolutely first rate product for the backcountry hunter. Using USGS maps layered with land ownership information (e.g., Forest Service, BLM) this product provides an incredible amount of information for the dollar. The old forest road/logging road data provided is probably the best on the market.

Free Maps for the GPS

 GPS File Depot ( has an extensive library of free maps.

Keep an eye on Rich Owen’s outstanding site: for information, product reveiws relating to GPS.

Blake Miller: Navigation and GPS expert

Blake Miller

Blake Miller has made a career out of staying found and knowing where he is at all times. His formal navigation training began when he joined the U.S. Navy in 1973. He served as an officer aboard several Navy ships over his twenty-year career; many of those tours included the duty of Navigator. Blake began working with satellite navigation systems at sea in 1976, culminating with the then-new Global Positioning Systems aboard the Battleship WISCONSIN in early 1990.

In 1998 Blake started Outdoor Quest, a business dedicated to backcountry navigation and wilderness survival. Blake has taught classes to wild land firefighters, state agency staffs, Search and Rescue team members, hunters, hikers, skiers, fishermen and equestrians. He regularly teaches classes through the Community Education programs at Central Oregon (Bend) and Chemeketa (Salem, OR) Community Colleges.

As a volunteer, Blake teaches navigation and survival classes, to students in the local school district and conservation groups. He is a member of a Search and Rescue team.

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